Frontglue is on a mission to help Non Technical makers build amazing Tech Products without having to write Code.

My Story

I have spent close to two decades providing technical solutions and architecting and building rich and complex digital products for a number of companies. All from early stage startups to large enterprises.

Repeatedly jumping consulting roles from one company to another, I have seen how much time and resources companies waste in building digital products, with features that are common and recurring.

In the meantime, I have seen Product Owners and Founders getting frustrated dealing with their IT workforce and being dependent on them for the smallest of change to their product.

But I am also noticing how some very smart engineers are starting to build and package these common features as prebuilt configurable solutions.

These solutions are called NoCode platforms that makers can use to build digital products. Amazing products can now be built just by using visual interfaces of these NoCode tools, instead of having to learn a traditional programming language.

This got me excited! And Frontglue was born to facilitate the NoCode movement.

Every Product Owner or Designer who can envision a Product, should be able to build it themselves. And Frontglue is committed to helping them do just that!

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